Info for patients

Tips to Remember


For some patients, braces alone will not be enough obtain an ideal result. The orthodontist may prescribe elastic bands to be worn with the braces or another appliance such as a biteplate or headgear. If you are asked to wear such a device, it is essential that you wear it exactly as instructed. Failure to do so will lead to a longer treatment and may make it impossible to achieve the best possible result.


If you should notice that some of your braces are dislodged or broken, it is very important that you call our office so that we can be prepared to correct the problem at your next visit. Even if the problem occurs the day before your scheduled appointment, you should still call to let us know. If you forget to call, it may be difficult to perform all of the planned work and unexpected repair work in the allotted appointment time. You may have to return to the office at a different time for an extra visit.

Also, please remember that regular attendance is directly related to treatment efficiency. Missed appointments can greatly extend treatment time.