Info for patients


Elastics (Rubber Bands)

As part of orthodontic treatment, many patients will need to wear elastics. Braces and wires can do much of the work required to straighten the teeth, but sometimes a little extra help is needed to make the upper and lower teeth fit together just right. Think of elastics as an engine that drives your braces. If you have been asked to wear elastics, your braces are not working unless you do so. In fact, if you are not wearing your elastics, your teeth may be moving in the opposite direction needed to correct your bite.

The length of time that you will need to wear elastics will depend on how much tooth movement is needed and how well you wear them. Elastics are easily attached and removed. They should be changed often (do not use the same elastic for more than one day). Generally, the hardest part is remembering to wear them. We will give you as many elastics as you need. Be sure to keep them in places you will use them, such as school, work, car, etc. If your supply runs out between appointments, simply call our office and we will mail another bag to you.


It is important that you wear the elastics exactly as directed. Occasionally, we may ask you to change the way you attach them to your braces. We may also give you different sizes to use, depending on what stage of treatment you are at, so do not use your friend’s elastics! Be sure to call our office if you experience any difficulty wearing the elastics. Wear them well…your final result depends on it!